Your benefits per year:

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*after ingredient costs and machine costs.

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    What are the assumptions for the calculation?

    Costs and returns for these cocktails:

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    Excluding the costs of ice and garnish the ingredients cost of the drinks in a cocktail is between EUR 0.90 (e.g. a Mojito) to EUR 1,35 (e.g. a Long Island Ice Tea). This calculation is based on EUR 1.35

    We exclude the costs of ice and garnish because they fluctuate a lot with the choice of garnish. To compensate for this the cost price of the cocktail used is kept on the high side.

    In the calculation the De Luxe 16 machine including installation costs is written off in 1 year. Most accountants will allow to write off the machine in 3 years and the machine will last much longer than 3 years.

    Many customers use selling prices of EUR 6,- to EUR 15,- per cocktail. We  see an average selling price across cocktail menus of EUR 8.50.

    Efficiency benefits not included in the calculation:

    • The concept save on staffing costs because everybody can be trained  and serve delicious cocktails within minutes.
    • The machine helps to serve cocktails much faster which saves labour time and work stress.
    • Your staff will want to sell more margin lucrative cocktails when they notice how easy they are to produce. We experience big sales volume increases with our customers.
    • The dinks in 5 and 10 liter Bibs are perfect ingredients for delicious cocktails. They save time in handling behind the bar and are priced attractively.