Brasa Purmerend

Brasa in Purmerend Restaurant BRASA in Purmerend is a unique dining establishment located on the vibrant Koemarkt. The restaurant is housed in a charming building in the heart of the city center, offering an exceptional culinary experience.

An outstanding feature of BRASA is its beautiful heated terrace, which was awarded the title of ‘best terrace in the Netherlands’ in 2021. Here, you can enjoy a variety of delicious options both indoors and outdoors, such as the extensive cocktail and mocktail menu.

A guest of Brasa Purmerend said via TripAdvisor: “Had a very enjoyable evening. Friendly service with delicious alcohol-FREE cocktails! Top service!”

Arwin Versteyne of Brasa Purmerend had been handcrafting his cocktails for several years. However, some of his bar staff were unable to make the cocktails, leading to various problems. Sometimes, the cocktails lacked the right taste consistency or simply took too long to be served.

Arwin was looking for alternative solutions and came across TenderOne cocktail machines online. Arwin said, “I checked out how the machine worked at Nielz café Almelo and then decided to go for it. Cocktails are very trendy now, and during the coronavirus crisis, we saw a huge increase in demand for them. But I wanted to ensure efficiency. Purchasing a cocktail machine was a consideration to make this a reality.”

“We’ve had it for two weeks now,” he says. “The staff is very enthusiastic because it’s very efficient. Previously, it took us 4 minutes to make a cocktail, now it’s 20 seconds.” Therefore, in two weeks, he plans to introduce a more extensive cocktail menu on his terrace. The menu will feature 20 cocktails and 5 mocktails. Brasa now has a TenderOne with sixteen drinks linked to it. “The only thing we still do ourselves is combine the ingredients in a glass, shake when necessary, and garnish.”

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