Nielz Almelo

NIELZ – Almelo
NIELZ Café-Restaurant is a charming café-restaurant located in the center of Almelo. NIELZ is a popular spot with a warm and inviting atmosphere, where guests can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks. The café-restaurant features a spacious and sunny terrace, making it the perfect location to relax and soak in the atmosphere in the heart of the city. At NIELZ, the focus is on creating a good atmosphere and serving delicious food and drinks, attracting a diverse crowd each week looking for a place to unwind and enjoy.

“Previously, you could see that it caused some stress for the staff when a group ordered cocktails at the same time,” says Niels. There wasn’t enough capacity to provide his guests with cocktails. Orders piled up, and his bar staff couldn’t keep up. “Previously, a bartender would be busy with a measuring cup for the cocktails. With a full terrace, it took too long for the guests, which also caused stress for the employees,” says Niels.

On the advice of his team, hospitality entrepreneur Niels Mulder decided to look into a cocktail machine. Two years ago, after the first lockdown, he gave in and purchased a machine, one from TenderOne.

“Now it’s our employees who recommend the cocktails at the table,” says Niels Mulder from Nielz in Almelo. Since purchasing his machine, he has seen the number of cocktail orders increase to 25,000 per month during the summer months. The staff now enjoy selling cocktails. “At Nielz, cocktails range from 6 to 10 euros on the menu. So for us, it really means a revenue boost.” At Nielz, cocktails are mainly sold from the terrace, which has 230 seats. “Both cocktails and mocktails come from the machine.”

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