Your professional bartender

Your professional bartender at home. The TenderOne cocktail machine is a fully automated system that allows you to hygienically and quickly prepare the best cocktails and mixed drinks. Delicious cocktails at the touch of a button, without premix or postmix.

Cocktail Machines

Everyone to the cocktails: now it can! The TenderOne machines are easy to use by anyone. An extensive training or course first is not necessary. In addition, our cocktail machines are not only very easy to operate and very efficient but also real eyecatchers! Meanwhile, we have a wide range of cocktail machines, from a mobile cocktail bar for events or outdoor bars, to a small bottletender that fits easily on any bar.

The dosage of the ingredients is up to a tenth centilitres to be set accurately. TenderOne offers you the opportunity to prepare hundreds of cocktails perfectly according to your favorite recipe. In addition, you can also compose your own cocktail menu. This means you are never tied to our programmed cocktails.

With TenderOne cocktail machines you’re getting a great Return on Investment. The break-even point is often 10 cocktails per week.

By being able to make the perfectly measured recipe in a few seconds, you create an incredible Return on Investment! As you can see in the calculation example below, the combination of bottles and bag-in-box drinks is very lucrative for the purchase price of your cocktails. The purchase price for cocktails with alcohol is averaged between €0.85 and €1.10. If you offer the cocktails for €8,-, after deducting the VAT 21% and €1,-purchasing beverage, you have a net profit per cocktail of €5.61.

This means that if you choose the lease, you’ll break even with 10 cocktails per week without investment. On everything above you earn €5.61 per cocktail. By presenting an extensive list of cocktails and mocktails and to consistently ensure the same taste every time, you sell a lot more cocktails than you ever thought possible. Our prices are initial prices based on hire-purchase. Of course, buying is always possible, prices are more advantageous than for hire-purchase.