Perfect cocktails within a few seconds!

Profitable from 24 cocktails

  • Start making money from 24 cocktails per week.
  • You will have recovered the investment completely within 1 year.
  • Use the benefits calculator on the homepage to calculate your personal situation.

Consistent high cocktail quality

  • With the ml accurate dosing the quality is always at a high level.
  • Every team member produces cocktails in the same repeatable way.
  • And, with max control on the cost price!

Extra atmosphere in the bar

  • The machine doses straight into the glass or in the shaker cup.
  • Shaking cocktails and flairtending for more show are integral part of it.
  • Space and time are freed up to spend on creating a beautiful garnish.

Less pressure on the bar team

  • Everyone can make a delicious cocktail with this concept.
  • With the clear instructions and image on the screen.
  • It creates flexibility in staffing of the bar team and creates space during service, even at the busiest of times.

One machine with multiple extension modules

  • Every machine can be extended to up to 40 ingredients. Even at later stage.
  • With extra modules for Prosecco/ Spritz, water, soda, more types of cocktails, mocktails, home made lemonades and ice tea.

Perfect service & support

  • The TenderOne service package guarantees product updates, support, cleaning, and quick repairs .
  • Our logistics team ensure perfect deliveries of the drinks.
  • And should things incidentally go awry, we will get it back on track together.

Convenience from the bag-in-box system

  • The drinks come in 5 liter and 10 liter bag-in-box (bibs).
  • Our ingredients are of high quality and the bibs save on labour, space and stock.
  • Bib’s are better for the environment by creating less waste and up to 8x less CO2 emissions than glass bottles of 75cl.

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