Cocktail machine: Unique modular system

“Finding the perfect Cocktail Machine that aligns with your unique situation, desires, and budget can be challenging. That’s why at TenderOne, we have made our Cocktail Machines fully customizable with various modules. Your vision for cocktail preparation is our focus. We collaborate with you to find the Cocktail Machine that seamlessly fits your needs. Discover how our flexible Cocktail Machines can enhance your bar experience and meet your exact requirements.”

TenderOne Pro – Our professional cocktail machine

Ontdek de basis van ons assortiment: een veelzijdige Cocktail Machine die komt met een uitgebreide cocktailkaart van 32 standaard cocktails. Deze kunt u geheel naar eigen wens aanpassen. Onze Cocktail Machine is ontworpen als een flexibel werkpaard dat gemakkelijk aan uw specifieke behoeften aangepast kan worden. Dit geldt niet alleen voor de initiële installatie, maar ook voor toekomstige uitbreidingen. Of u nu net begint of uw aanbod wilt uitbreiden, onze Cocktail Machine past zich moeiteloos aan uw veranderende eisen aan.

Benefits of our automatic cocktail machine maker

  • “16 to 40 ingredients, the machine tracks when refills are needed.
  • Dispenses a cocktail in 3-5 seconds.
  • All ingredients are separately dosed into the shaker or glass (so no premix or postmix).
  • Touch screen operation.
  • Sleek unit for the bar, ingredients can be placed away from the bar.
  • 200 pre-programmed cocktails and endless possibilities for customizing your own recipes.
  • Dosing with surgical precision.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Suitable for cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, iced teas, mixers, shots.
  • Back office software for reporting on revenue, costs, and profits.
  • Remote access for assistance from afar.”

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    TenderOne Pro cocktail machine extension modules

    As a standard, the dispense head is prepared for 30 ingredients, water, soda and prosecco. This makes the machine very suitable for future extensions.

    Expand the number of ingredients

    • 20 Ingredients (most often recommended and used)
    • 24 Ingredients
    • 30 Ingredients
    • 40 Ingredients

    Bottle display module

    • A seperate block for 8 bottles that can be dosed through the machine.
    • This module adds 8 ingredients to your current ingredient set.

    Soda water and water module

    • For soda water and chilled tap water
    • For mojito, Aperol spritz, cocktails, ice tea, homemade lemonades, mocktails, and also as (soda) water tap

    Prosecco module

    • For dispensing prosecco
    • For making Aperol Spritz and other spritzed drinks

    Python and chiller module

    • For installation in a cellar or a storage space
    • Up to max 30 meters between the ingredients and the machine

    Video display

    • Extra screen to mount on the dispense column
    • Increase revenues by promoting cocktails with attractive videos, photos and text.

    Want to see our automated cocktail machine for yourself?

    Complete mobile cocktail bar

    “The mobile Cocktail Machine from TenderOne is the ideal choice for locations with outdoor terraces or multi-functional halls. This machine is perfectly tailored for use during large events, such as festivals, conferences, and sports stadiums.

    Thanks to its versatility, the Cocktail Machine can be seamlessly integrated with all the machine models we offer. Each mobile Cocktail Machine is equipped with a built-in refrigerator featuring a stylish stainless steel door, ensuring a high-quality appearance and functionality. The quality of our product is further enhanced by its maintenance-friendly and hygienic design, using durable plastic and stainless steel. In addition, each unit has convenient stainless steel doors for extra storage space and is mounted on six casters, two of which are lockable for stability. A built-in glass washer with fresh and waste water reservoir completes the Cocktail Machine, making it the perfect choice for any hospitality environment that values both functionality and cocktail experience.”

    Cocktail machine specifications

    • Ingredient Management: The Cocktail Machine manages up to 40 different ingredients and signals when refilling is needed.
    • Speed: Prepares each cocktail within 3-5 seconds, making your service lightning-fast.
    • Precise Dosing: Separate dosing for each ingredient in the shaker, eliminating the need for premix or postmix.
    • User Interface: Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen tablet for easy operation.
    • Placement Flexibility: Suitable for placement on the bar or as a built-in unit, adapted to your space.
    • Extensive Recipe Library: Contains 200 pre-programmed cocktails and offers room for countless custom creations.
    • Accurate Dosing: Dosing with surgical precision for consistent quality.
    • Ease of Use: Simple operation and maintenance for effortless cleaning.
    • Versatility: Suitable for preparing cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, iced teas, mixers, and shots.
    • Smart Reporting: Back office software for detailed reports on revenue, costs, and profits.
    • Remote Assistance: Capability for remote access for efficient support and assistance from afar.

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