Always the perfect cocktail!

Our spirits and liqueur are carefully crafted by traditional Dutch, German and Scottish distilleries combined with well know brands such as De Kuyper.

The machines also produce mocktails, lemonades, ice tea, mix drinks, shots and bubble tea.

All cocktail recipes are developed by mixologists and shakers. They are appreciated by millions of guests each year.

You can also programme your signature recipes!

Choose from the complete range.

Check the webshop for an overview of the portfolio. Here is a selection:

Mjioto cocktail on bar with jigger

The Mojito is a real classic. A refreshing cocktail consisting of rum, lime juice juice, sugar, soda water and mint

Cocktail with strawberries and sprig garnish

Strawberry juice is a beautiful blend of strawberry puree, strawberry juice and sugar. Perfect for cocktails with a strawberry flavour component

Martini glass with brown liquid
Espresso Martini

The espresso Martini is a mix of vodka , coffee liqueur and espresso coffee. Rich in flavour, creamy and delicious

Cocktail with raspberries on a black charred wood surface
Raspberry juice

Make a Raspberry Daiquiri in seconds with raspberry juice It’s a delicious base of raspberry puree, raspberry juice and sugar.

Red cosmopolitant being poured from a shaker in a martini glass

A cosmopolitan, often abbreviated to cosmo, is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice

Mango cocktail with straw and lemon slice pictured at sunset

For a mango Margarita on the rocks you combine tequila, triple sec and mango juice. Shake with ice and serve with ice

Pina colada cocktail
Pina Colada

A large glass with rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice and ice. Made more frequently with a vegan cream base. Shake with ice and serve with ice

Cocktail with passion fruit garnish and a shot glass of prosecco
Passion fruit/ Maracuja

The perfect base for a pornstar Martini. A refreshing passion fruit cocktail made with vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur and lime juice. Served with a shot glas Prosecco or Champagne on the side to neutralise your palette.


Vodka is the base for many cocktails. Grain Ultra Pure is vodka made from 100% grain base and distilled ultra pure in a distillation column with 60 plates. A beautiful vodka with an smooth flavour and elegant aftertaste. Lovely as shot and, naturally, as ingredient for cocktails like the Moscow Mule.


Gin originates from the Dutch word Jenever when it was translated into old English. The addition London Dry Gin indicates the best quality level. A pure distillate of malted grains without any additions of sugars, flavours or colours. With a London Dry Gin the flavours originate from the re-distillation with botanical herbs and spices. Like, naturally, the beautiful juniper berries.

Triple Sec

Triple sec is a liqueur made from oranges and sometimes other citrus fruits. A transparant, clear distillate of oranges and made into a liqueur through a maturation process with added sugars. The combination offers a delicious sweet melange of oranges and alcohol. In cocktails it adds citrus notes to balance the herbs, spiciness, earthiness and smoke of the other beverage components.


Real Tequila comes from Mexico and is made with Agave distillate. The Consejo Regulador del Tequila board governs the quality, heritage and provenance of Tequila world wide.

Compact and efficient Bag in box (bib) system

  • Less storage space, less damaged goods, a longer shelf life
  • Much faster to handle and process than bottles
  • Less waste than bottles
  • Up to 8 x less CO2 foot print than 75 cl glass bottles and thus better for the planet