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with our cocktail machine

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The benefits of the TenderOne cocktail machine

Perfect cocktails within a few seconds!

Profitable from 24 cocktails

Consistent high cocktail quality

Extra atmosphere in the bar

Less pressure on the bar team

One machine with multiple extension modules

Perfect service & support

Convenient bag-in-box system

How does our cocktail machine work?

Dosing and dispense
  • Dispense drinks within seconds
  • Surgical precision
  • More cocktails with less staff
  • German quality
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • 5 liter and 10 liter bag-in-box
  • High quality ingredients
  • Save on labour, stock levels and space
  • Sustainable with much less waste
  • Up to 8 x less CO2 emission
  • TenderOne service packages
  • Automatic product updates
  • 24/7 support
  • Annual deep cleaning regimen
  • Repairs within 24 hours
  • Extensive data available
  • Which cocktails are the best sellers
  • The best selling times of the day
  • Stock control
Cloud control
  • Remote insights and control
  • Software updates
  • Manage settings, recipes and volumes
  • Cost control
  • Margins for ROI
  • Extend to max 40 ingredients
  • Including prosecco, water & soda
  • Cocktails & mocktails
  • Home made lemonades
  • Ice tea

No premix or postmix

All ingredients remain separated for the best cocktail quality.

All ingredients are dosed separately in the glass. Speed pourers or jiggers are no longer needed. This provides a better flavour than premix or postmix where the ingredients have a long time to interact with each other. Fresh is better.

Our products

TenderOne Deluxe

cocktail machine zij aanzicht

This is the foundation of our range. The machine is a flexible work horse and easily adjustable. Directly from the start, and also later should you decide to modify your cocktail and beverages offer.

TenderOne Deluxe Mobiel

A complete mobile cocktail bar. Ideal for venues with beer gardens or multi functional rooms. Perfect for large events, festivals, conferences and stadiums. Can be combined with all machine set-ups

Unique modular set up

More  ingredients

Soda and water module

Python and chiller (cellar installs)

Prosecco module

Bottle display module

Video display

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    “Together we lift your cocktail performance to a higher level!”

    – Edwin Jansen – Sales manager & Owner

    Always the perfect cocktail!

    Choose from the complete range.

    Check the web shop for a complete overview. Here is a selection

    Cocktail with strawberries and sprig garnish

    Strawberry juice is a beautiful blend of strawberry puree, strawberry juice and sugar. Perfect for cocktails with a strawberry flavour component

    Red cosmopolitant being poured from a shaker in a martini glass

    A cosmopolitan, often abbreviated to cosmo, is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice

    Martini glass with brown liquid
    Espresso Martini

    The espresso Martini is a mix of vodka , coffee liqueur and espresso coffee. Rich in flavour, creamy and delicious

    Cocktail with raspberries on a black charred wood surface
    Raspberry juice

    Make a Raspberry Daiquiri in seconds with raspberry juice It’s a delicious base of raspberry puree, raspberry juice and sugar.

    It’s this quick!

    Let us explain how you can serve the perfect cocktail within seconds.

    News & blogs

    Cocktail maker

    Step into the future of mixology with the TenderOne cocktail maker. Where innovation meets tradition in the art of cocktail crafting. This automated marvel is revolutionizing bars, restaurants, and event spaces. By fusing cutting-edge technology with classic taste to ensure perfection in every pour. Designed for efficiency and to enhance the cocktail experience, the TenderOne combines speed, precision, and consistency. It empowers your staff to focus on customer service and engagement while reliably taking care of the mixology intricacies. Discover the potential of your beverage menu with TenderOne and see how it can transform your venue.

    Cocktail maker: The future of drink crafting

    Enter the next generation of drink preparation with the TenderOne cocktail machine. An innovative leap for mixologists and establishments alike. Gone are the days of lengthy waits and inconsistent drink quality. The TenderOne cocktail maker streamlines the art of mixology, producing exquisite cocktails in under ten seconds. It’s an avant-garde approach that enhances the bar experience, giving your staff the freedom to focus on creativity and customer interaction.

    With a variety of models like the TenderOne Pro and the mobile version for events and outdoor settings. Each cocktail machine is an investment in your business’s future, promising efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction. Welcome to the future of drink crafting, where technology meets taste.

    Elevating bars with an automated cocktail maker

    The TenderOne automated cocktail maker has a lot of benefits and is transforming bars and restaurants. We do this by elevating both the quality of service and the beverage experience. This cutting-edge technology is more than just a conversation starter; it’s a robust tool that enhances your establishment in multiple ways:

    1. Consistency is Key: Every cocktail served is a testament to the precise art of mixology, with consistent quality that patrons can rely on.
    2. Maximized Profits: With drinks crafted in seconds and the machine’s cost-effective operation, bars see a swift return on investment. Often within a year when serving as few as 24 cocktails weekly.
    3. Simplified Training: Staff can be trained quickly, allowing for a more flexible and efficient workforce that can adapt to the bustling environment.
    4. Engaged Customers: The flair of cocktail making need not be lost; bartenders can still perform shake and stir while the machine handles the precise pouring.
    5. Innovative Customization: The TenderOne Pro offers an array of extensions and accessories. Enabling bars to offer a personalized drink experience that caters to the tastes of a diverse clientele.

    Incorporating an automated cocktail maker into your bar space not only streamlines operations but also provides a unique edge in a competitive market. Which makes it a smart choice for any forward-thinking establishment.

    Mastering mixology with a cocktail making machine

    The craft of mixology is elevated to new heights with the incorporation of the TenderOne cocktail making machine into your establishment’s repertoire. This machine is not just a tool; it’s your partner in concocting spirits that charm and cocktails that captivate. With each pour, the machine’s precision ensures a masterful blend of ingredients, guaranteeing the same perfect taste from the first to the last customer of the night. Ideal for high-volume bars and intimate locales alike, the TenderOne empowers bartenders to produce complex cocktails with ease, allowing them to master the craft without the traditional constraints of time. Expand your menu, experiment with flavors, and watch as your bartenders transform into mixology maestros, all while your guests indulge in a consistently premium experience.

    The technology behind the cocktail maker machine

    Delving into the technical prowess of the TenderOne cocktail maker machine reveals why it’s an unrivaled addition to any bar setting:

    • Speed & Precision: Mixes drinks in as little as 5-10 seconds with meticulous accuracy.
    • Modular Design: Offers a range of modules like the bottle display, prosecco, and video display options.
    • Capacity for Creativity: Accommodates additional ingredients for expansive cocktail possibilities.
    • Quality Assurance: Ensures high-caliber cocktails with no pre-mixes, preserving the integrity of each ingredient.
    • Ergonomic Efficiency: Reduces the strain on bar staff during busy hours, streamlining operations.
    • Environmental Consideration: Ingredients supplied in 5L or 10L bag-in-box packaging to minimize waste and carbon footprint.
    • Supportive Service: Backed by comprehensive service and support to maintain peak performance.

    With these advanced features, the TenderOne cocktail maker machine isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a cornerstone for the modern mixologist.

    Frequently asked questions about the TenderOne cocktail maker

    What types of drinks can the TenderOne cocktail maker machine produce?

    The TenderOne cocktail maker is capable of producing a wide range of drinks, from classic cocktails to custom creations, thanks to its versatile programming and ingredient capacity.

    Is the cocktail maker machine difficult to operate?

    Ease of use is a hallmark of the TenderOne cocktail maker. It’s designed for simplicity, making it easy for any staff member to operate after a brief training session.

    Can the cocktail maker handle large volumes during peak hours?

    Absolutely. The TenderOne is built for efficiency, able to produce cocktails within seconds, which makes it ideal for high-demand periods and ensures your customers aren’t kept waiting.